About Us

About Us

As one of the premier IT Reseller businesses in Australia, The Romann Group offer small, medium & large enterprises in the corporate, government and education sectors all the tools required to maintain an efficient, effective computer network infrastructure. From the best computers and workstations to network server architecture to vital business programs, we are your one stop IT Vendor for all of your IT procurement needs.

In the information age, nothing is more important than speed and stable, reliable uptime. Your customers expect a properly working, 21st century buying experience, and we help you bring that to them. We assist you to maximize your business advantage through our exceptional partnerships with most of the industry's leading IT vendor(s). Browse our selection of computers, servers, and programs for the equipment that will help your business thrive.

As an IT Reseller, we can procure and deliver technology, and deliver technical services to implement and support that technology from a diverse mix of leading IT Vendor (s). We work with the majority of IT vendor (s) in Australia, keeping our promise to deliver the right solution...on time, every time.

Computers & Workstations

Businesses need to provide employees and executives with efficient machines to deal with the speed of 21st century business. We offer desktops, laptops, netbooks and workstations from leading computer manufacturers like DellHPIBMLenovoApple, and more at competitive prices. Our expert IT Reseller staff only provides the highest quality products from these manufacturers, and our reviews ensure that you make informed purchases no matter what you decide to buy.

Server Architecture

From servers to network-added storage systems to switches, not to mention all those cables, it can be difficult to put together a working business network. Whether you're just starting out or whether you need to expand your business network, you need to make sure that you have access to quality machines from manufacturers like IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, . Our IT Reseller business provides your business with all the hardware it needs to support efficiency in the office and to provide access for your customers all over the world.

Business Software

From Microsoft to Adobe to VMWare to Symantec and more, there is an increasing number of products that businesses simply can't do without. As a leading Australian IT Vendor, we offer all of these vital boxed sets and special licensing offers to help you save on what you need.

It would be foolish, for instance, to start a business without Microsoft's line of Office software, just as a design firm can't do anything without Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Small businesses looking to do big business need virtual network programs like VMWare, and of course, antivirus programs from companies like Symantec or McAfee are a must-have. The health of your business rests on the health of your business network, and in this 24/7 world of constant communication, your computers can't afford to take sick days!

In addition to our vast IT Vendor shelf of computing solutions for your business, we can also provide helpful advice regarding what your business needs to be as effective as possible. Look through our wares today and contact us if you'd like more information!